About Us

Who We Are

     Here at The Loaded Pig, we believe that every man and woman, no matter their age, has the power and ability to achieve their financial goals. That is why we strive to provide valuable information, while at the same time simplifying personal finance topics in order to empower individuals during this rewarding journey. Our platform fosters a community of like-minded people who help each other along the road to financial freedom by offering knowledge, tips, feedback, and personal experiences. Personal finance topics may seem confusing, but they are important to understand in order to be financially responsible and successful.

How We Came To Be

     As a couple in our mid-20s, we realized it was hard to find people around us that we could talk to about personal finance topics such as, challenges in buying a house or getting the most out of our budget. Therefore, we were constantly looking online for answers. We quickly realized that we were not alone. So after reaching one of our biggest financial goals, buying a house, we decided to start The Loaded Pig. 

     We hope you find our site entertaining, while also being helpful and that you are able to take steps to improve your financial situation or make progress towards your next big goal. Keep in mind, success is not a destination..it is a habit.

Join us on our journey and let us help you along yours. Thanks for reading!

Rebecca & Tiago