Adopt An Entrepreneurial Mindset To Change Your Life

Adopt An Entrepreneurial Mindset To Change Your Life | The Loaded Pig

The entrepreneurial mindset is a way of approaching the world with curiosity to solve problems and challenge the status quo. Whether you’re starting out your career, still in school, self-employed, working at your dream job or not sure what exactly you want to do, you can benefit from adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. Below are 8 aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset that you can embrace to better your professional and personal life.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking | Adopt An Entrepreneurial Mindset To Change Your Life | The Loaded Pig

Entrepreneurs are people who create new businesses and products. They identify problems and think critically to come up with a solution. Entrepreneurs think outside the box and assess problems from new angles to understand them and come up with solutions. They are creative and use unconventional thinking. Rather than going with the flow and accepting things as they are, people with the entrepreneurial mindset dare to challenge the status quo. Try to think about problems you encounter from new perspectives.


Many call entrepreneurs “fearless,” however we like to think of them more as confident. Being an entrepreneur and starting your own company may seem risky, but if done correctly, it becomes a calculated risk. Confidence is a big part of the entrepreneurial mindset because people with this mindset believe in themselves and their ideas. Learn how to portray self-confidence and before you know it you will begin to doubt yourself less.

Life-long Learning

Life-long Learning | Adopt An Entrepreneurial Mindset To Change Your Life | The Loaded Pig

Part of having an entrepreneur mindset is constantly learning. Entrepreneurs thrive on staying one step ahead of everyone else and to do so they are life-long learners. They read or listen to books, watch Ted Talks, listen to podcasts and do whatever they can to stay educated and keep learning. Most of them believe they can develop their talents and abilities and have a growth mindset. Read our article about what a growth mindset is and how you can develop it.


Entrepreneurs are always coming up with “the next big thing.” They are innovative and use technology to advance their ideas. Having an entrepreneurial mindset also means understanding that innovation is a never-ending process. Entrepreneurs adapt to changes in the industry, consumer behavior and the economy. They continuously improve their products and businesses to always stay one step ahead of competitors. Try to be more observant of what people want and how you can adapt your products and business to meet their changing needs.


When bad things happen to some people, they fail to take responsibility and they blame external circumstances for their “bad luck.” An aspect of the entrepreneurial mindset is holding yourself accountable. You are responsible for your successes and failures. Blaming others when things don’t work out will get you nowhere. Embrace the pressure and work harder to achieve your goals.

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Vision | Goals | Adopt An Entrepreneurial Mindset To Change Your Life | The Loaded Pig

If there is one thing that all entrepreneurs have, it is a vision. Their vision may not be of a specific product or solution yet, but they have an idea that they are truly passionate about. It may simply be that they want to be self-employed and not work for someone else. It may be to end world hunger. Whatever it is, it drives them day in and day out. That vision evolves over time but is always present. Think about what drives you.

An entrepreneurial mindset is actually critical to success in our rapidly changing world.

– Bill Roche


People with this mindset take action. They don’t sit around planning their big idea for years, they run with it and learn along the way. They are doers. Entrepreneurs are decisive and avoid wasting their time by overthinking. The word “entrepreneur” comes from the French word “entreprendre” meaning “undertake.” Entrepreneurs take on challenges and do so with curiosity and passion. Consider the last time you didn’t overthink something and instead you were decisive in taking action.


Entrepreneurs take risks with their ideas because they believe in themselves. They believe that they can make a difference in the world and that fuels them every day. Part of having an entrepreneurial mindset is being relentless. Being resilient in the face of obstacles. Entrepreneurs use their motivation and passion to achieve their goals. Don’t give up.

Even if you aren’t starting your own company, you can use these aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset to change your life. Imagine if everyone was taught how to have an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age – we would live in a very different world.

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