10 Habits To Make You More Successful

As the year is coming to a close, it’s a great time to take a look at your habits and see where you can make improvements in your life. Adopting some of the habits of successful people will no doubt have a positive impact on your life - but first consider what success means to you? Success means different things to everyone but here we are looking at habits to help you reach success in your life as a whole. This means success in your career, in your relationships, with your finances, of course, and ultimately as a person.

1. Wake Up Earlier

Have you ever thought about someone who really gets stuff done and wondered how they have the time to do it all? Do they have more time in their day than you and I? Of course they do! Try waking up one hour earlier and see how much more you are able to get done in one day. It’s hard to do in the beginning but your body will adjust and eventually you will wonder how you ever got by with less time in your day! They always say the early bird catches the worm….

2. Organize Your Week

One habit that many successful people share is taking time to organize their week ahead of time. This prevents getting overwhelmed later when the to-do lists are piling up and you’re getting distracted by small tasks. Try taking 15 minutes on a Sunday to plan your week out. There is a time management analogy that can help guide you in planning your week to ensure that you reach your goals. Learn more about this time management technique here. The trick to being more productive is identifying long-term goals and strategies, short-term goals and smaller tasks, such as answering emails. Then block out time each week to make strides on your long-term goals, after that your short-term goals and finally the smaller tasks.

3. Keep Learning

Some people think they are done learning after they finish school and it’s an easy trap to fall into. But people who are successful in various aspects of their lives never stop learning. They allocate time regularly to read or listen to books in order to learn from experts. And they don’t stop there - then they apply what they have learned to their lives, whether it is at work or home or starting a business of their own.

4. Set Smart Goals

Setting goals can be meaningless unless you take time to think it through. SMART goals is a framework to help you set goals. It stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Let’s consider an example of a goal: I want to be a great runner. Now, compare that to this SMART goal: I want to run a 5K in South Beach in 4 months at a 10 minute per mile pace. This framework can be applied to goal setting in any situation: personal health, personal finance, at work, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

5. Take Action

Setting SMART goals is fine and dandy, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t take action. The first step is planning what you want to achieve and how to achieve it and the next and hardest step is actually putting in the time and energy to work toward your goal.

6. Exercise Regularly

Your can’t be at the top of your game if your body isn’t. Your brain will thank you for taking a break from work and exercising. In fact, most people find that when they exercise regularly they are more productive at work and in their personal lives.

7. Keep Good Company

Ever hear the saying, “one rotten apple spoils the bunch?” That’s an extreme example, but you get the point. If you are trying to advance your career or start your own business and your friends are lazy and not motivated they can certainly hold you back. Finding people who are in line with your success mindset are more likely to push you to achieve greatness.

8. Work-Life Balance

Although some people can work crazy hours until they are successful at something, most of us simply burn out. The best way to be successful is to find a work-life balance that allows you to work hard and play hard. Not only will you be happier and more successful, you will also be able to sustain this lifestyle over time.

9. Be Responsible With Your Money

It is possible to be successful at many things without being financially successful. However, we think that to have a successful life it encompasses more than just a career, money, fitness, or relationships alone. A successful life is all of those things and more. And one aspect that can positively impact your life is being financially successful. This starts with habits like making a budget and sticking to it, paying your bills on time and saving for an emergency fund.

10. Don’t Forget Self-Care

There are numerous self-care techniques that successful people use to stay on top of their game and stay healthy. Daily meditation is proven to have many positive impacts on health and productivity. Journaling is a way of organizing your thoughts and goals. Other self-care techniques include dancing, yoga, expressing gratitude, drawing and taking mindful walks. Try to practice positive thinking. Do what makes YOU feel good.

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