6 Self-Quarantine Activities That Will Improve Your Life

6 Self-Quarantine Activities That Will Improve Your Life | The Loaded Pig

Are you staying at home to slow the spread of Coronavirus? Take advantage of being at home and do things to better yourself and your life. There are many ways to spend time to refresh your life and once this is over you’ll come out feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on what’s next. Read on to learn how to better yourself and your body during this critical time at home.

1. Work On Your Side Hustle

Turn your hobby into your side hustle. If there’s something you’re talented at or simply really passionate about, set aside some time each day to make it into a reality. Start by making an action plan and then just do it! Make a list each day of tasks to help you accomplish your goals and keep track of your progress. Before you know it you’ll have made a lot of progress and maybe even a little money.

2. Practice Mindfulness

Staying at home for a couple of weeks can really impact your mental and physical well being. Take steps to improve your immune system and your mind – practice mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness has endless benefits, you just have to set aside a few minutes each day. Start with 5-10 minutes morning and night. Practicing meditation and breathing exercises can protect your body from stress and improve your immune system. Using just a little time for yourself to sit and focus on your breath can leave you feeling refreshed and serene.

3. Knock Out Your Home To Do List

Remember that list of home improvements that you have been procrastinating getting to? No better time to tackle it then when you’re stuck at home. Only do what you can without running out to the store, so you may need to get creative. After self-quarantine is over you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders looking back at how many items you crossed off your list.

4. Learn Something New

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Avoid spending all of your time watching television on your couch…commit to learning something new every day. Whether you prefer to read books or watch Ted Talks, try to find a topic you can benefit from professionally or personally. Make a point of taking notes of important tips or topics to check out later in more detail. Do this for yourself so that once life returns to “normal” you can implement all that you’ve learned at work or in your personal life. If developing your talents sparks your interest, read our article Growth Mindset: The Secret To Personal Success.

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5. Connect With Others

Just because you can’t have physical contact with friends and family doesn’t mean you can’t see or speak with them. Use Facetime, Google Duo or Zoom to make video calls. Staying at home will get boring quickly, but you can make it more fun by keeping in contact with loved ones. Tell them about how you’re spending your time to better yourself!

6. Don’t Forget Exercise

Staying active is important, especially while you’re constrained to your home and neighborhood. You can take a walk or run around your neighborhood without getting close to other people. At home you can do yoga and strength training exercises. If you don’t have any gym or workout equipment at home, try some of these exercises:

  • Legs: squats, lunges
  • Abs: crunches, planks
  • Cardio: jumping jacks, jog outside
  • Upper body: push ups, dips with a chair/bench

Use this time to improve your mind and your body. Tackle that side hustle you’ve been thinking about for months, knock off a few items from your home to do list and start learning something new each day. Exercise, practice mindfulness and connect with loved ones so that you are refreshed and ready to take on anything once this storm passes.

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Financial freedom begins with good habits.

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