These Small Updates Will Do Big Things For Your Home’s Value

These Small Updates Will Do Big Things For Your Home’s Value | The Loaded Pig

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Whether you are preparing to put your house on the market or simply looking to invest a little bit of money and time into your house, doing just a few of the below updates can increase the value of your home. Some require more time than others but we are sure that each one is doable and will make your house look a bit newer and more modern, if you do it right. Read on to find out a few updates you can do to your home without breaking your piggy bank.

Updates Under $100

Do A Deep Clean

Something that prospective home buyers notice almost immediately is a dirty home. This is also something friends and family notice, but probably won’t tell you. According to a survey by Home Light, a deep clean increased the estimated home value by about $1,750. So gather your cleaning products and spend a day cleaning your home. If you aren’t planning on selling your home, this is still a great way to invest some time in it. You will certainly notice a difference in the look and feel of your home after a deep cleaning.

Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is an aspect of your house that you’ve seen so many times and you don’t even really notice anymore. But this is one of the first things that visitors see! Freshen up the first impression with a new paint of coat. Be sure to clean it off first to get any dirt, insects or webs off. Unless your homeowners association has restrictions on paint colors, consider changing it up with an eye-catching color. This is a small update that won’t even require much time on your part.

Replace Door Knobs

Door Knobs | These Small Updates Will Do Big Things For Your Home’s Value | The Loaded Pig

Door knobs are an aspect of your home that can easily age it. For inside doors, you can find modern, affordable door knobs that will simply make your home look and feel a little more new. Door knobs are something that people shouldn’t really notice, but the ones that were outdated 20 years ago are definitely noticeable. Spend an afternoon swapping out the door knobs and then notice how your home looks just a little bit newer.


This will take more time than money! If you’ve ever watched the show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, you’ll know that going through your belongings and donating or throwing out the ones that no longer “bring you joy” can make a HUGE difference in your home. Marie introduced the KonMari Method in her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. It consists of going through your belongings by categories rather than room by room. According to the survey referenced previously, decluttering increased perceived home value by about $2,580. That’s a significant increase for doing something that we all should do anyways!

Change Cabinet Knobs and Repaint

A kitchen remodel is expensive, but you can update your kitchen with much less of an investment. Instead of replacing every kitchen cabinet for a newer one, consider simply painting them in a different color and replacing the cabinet knobs as well. This can really change the look and feel of your kitchen and it’s very easy to do yourself. Pick a modern look and remember to see how the cabinet knobs feel when you’re opening and closing a cabinet before you buy them for your whole kitchen. Try them out at different heights to be sure you won’t regret your choice after they start getting caught on your clothes!

Power Wash Your Deck

You will be amazed by how old a wood deck can look in a matter of just a few years…but don’t worry, there are cheap solutions to restoring your home’s deck. For under $100 and a few hours of your time one weekend, you can rent a power washer from your local hardware store and power wash your deck. Typically, to have someone power wash your deck costs anywhere from $100 to $300 on average, but if you have the time you can simply do it yourself!

Now, keep in mind there are some things you will want to look up prior like the appropriate PSI rates but power washing is a simple DIY job. To really make your wood deck look great, consider staining it when you’re done! Staining takes a bit longer and will add to the price, however, the longevity a stained deck provides is priceless!

Bonus: Updates Under $300

Change Light Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures | These Small Updates Will Do Big Things For Your Home’s Value | The Loaded Pig

When people are estimating a home’s age one thing that can make a big difference is light fixtures. Consider changing outdated light fixtures with sleek, energy efficient ones. It’s easy to spend a lot on light fixtures, but if you decide your maximum to spend is $300, you can definitely redo the fixtures in several rooms if you comparison shop and use coupons.

Update Your Landscaping

Your landscaping is a substantial factor in your home’s curb appeal. If your grass is not maintained or your garden is dead, people will notice. Cut your grass regularly to avoid it getting out of control. Buy a few bags of mulch and plants that are suitable for your location’s weather. A couple of well placed trees can make a big difference in your landscaping and if you buy them when they’re really young they aren’t as expensive. This is much more expensive if you pay a landscaping company to do it, so try it out yourself first. You might even have some fun!

Paint The Interior

Another DIY update is painting the inside of your home. This will also cost you much more if you pay for a company to do it, so gather your supplies to paint one room first and see how it goes. You can tackle a few rooms or the whole house if you invite friends and family over for a painting day. Have fun with it and enjoy knowing that a fresh coat of paint and some new accent walls can be a great update in the eyes of potential buyers.

If you are preparing your house to sell, you should be familiar with what prospective buyers will look for during the walk through and signs they will be on the watch for during the home inspection.

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